For the healthcare professional

eKauri offers a personalized level of homecare that is more effective and accessible than ever. We equip the caregiver with a series of tools that facilitate the management, administration and coordination of daily tasks. Via customised notifications regarding the habits of each user we can prioritise resources and quickly address safety issues.

For the customer and their families

Our service improves the independence of our customers, whilst in the safety and comfort of their own home. We ensure that they continue enjoying their lives, receiving the correct care, without unnecessary intrusion. Because we believe in respecting privacy and only raise the alarm when necessary, families of our customers can enjoy peace of mind knowing that their loved ones are in the best hands without them having to be there.

Who are we?


We are a third generation telecare system which enables and improves the quality of life, security and independence of older people who are disabled or dependent and live alone or who are alone in the home for long periods of time.


Via continuous notifications received from each home, we process and analyse the data, making it available to the caregiver and family members. The goal is to make the home a safer place, whilst at the same time maintaining privacy and independence.

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Third Generation Telecare


We offer a range of tools to help implement a telecare system which pulls information straight from the home of each user. Through monitoring the routines and habits of our customers on an individual basis we can personalize our service for everyone.


With the help of professionals and caregivers, the system is continuously learning and anticipating the needs of residents, quickly keeping us informed at all times.


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Why choose eKauri?


Due to an aging population, the current model of care and attention needs to be updated to include new tools and solutions to support those less able to help themselves. Telecare systems must develop in order to offer a security that is as active as it is non-intrusive in detecting and controlling common chronic illnesses.


By choosing our solution a further step is made towards an integral model of care in every home.


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Products and Services

eKauri HOME

Small sensors are fitted in the house of the user. These can be placed in the following places: front door, living room, bathroom and bedrooms. Ambient information is then collected without the use of cameras or microphones. The privacy of the home is respected at all times.

Wireless hub: A network-connected device which transmits information received by the sensors in the house to the central servers at eKauri.

Data from the sensors arrives at the server where the caregiver and other professional team members (nurses, social workers, doctors, psychologists etc.) can analyse it in real time to prevent incidents occurring. Above all it can be used to improve the physical and emotional well-being of the resident.


eKauri CLOUD

The data from the sensors is stored in a secure way on the server so that it can accessed it via a dashboard on a webpage.

The server structure supports an ambient intelligence module, which help in making decisions, establishing rules, setting up alarms and users etc., which make up the eKauri CLOUD.

The real time analysis of data received displays not only a clear overview of the habits and routines of the user, but also the activation of alarms and notifications. The aim is to offer tools to the professional that improve the level of care and the physical and emotional wellbeing of the user whilst at the same time guarding against potential safety issues.


- For The Healthcare Professional -

Risk avoidance

Monitors the behaviour and habits in the home in order to prevent dangerous situations and improves the user’s quality of life.


Personalizes the care given in order to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the caregivers. Ekauri improves the user experience in a quick and easy way.


The system allows the management of configurable alarms so that anything out of the ordinary is immediately picked up.


Simplifies the installation process, management and maintenance to the fullest, so that the only thing to worry about is the resident, not the technology behind it all.

- For the user and their family -

Peace of mind

Eliminates fear and anxiety. eKauri assures 24 hour a day attention that lessens loneliness and improves the self-esteem of the user.


No use of cameras or microphones. Our sensors are non-intrusive and respect the privacy of the user at all times.


Families and friends of the user can rely on our tools and consult reports to learn more about the well-being of the user.


More autonomy for everyone concerned. We offer social support and assistance to families and caregivers so that they can go about their daily lives safe in the knowledge that the user/customer is receiving the right care.

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